IPR courses at GTU
       Gujarat Technological University

Message from the desk of Vice Chancellor

Dr. Akshai K. Aggarwal
Vice Chancellor, GTU
E-mail: vc@gtu.ac.in
Dear All Candidates,

I welcome all the candidates who have registered for 1st batch of “Post Graduate Diploma in IPR” Course. The course content of this program is designed to impart training and learning of IPR and in particular Patent to candidates for the necessity of protecting the intellectual property and to help them understand the process of filing patents.

Research in engineering and pharmacy stream should contribute for creating a better world for tomorrow. The GTU vision is to make the laboratories and workshops of our engineering colleges the research and development laboratories of all the SMEs in Gujarat. When a SME is able to get a product or a process developed or improved through the faculty member and the students of any College, the industry must be advised about the value of the Intellectual Property (IP) developed though the effort. Many SMEs in the developed world have made great profits through using their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) effectively. Innovative ideas about products and processes may be used not only by the SME, for which these have been developed; these may also be usable – many times – by a larger company in a slightly different technological context. In such a situation, a patent can help the SME ensure that its work can be used by the larger company only by providing the SME with appropriate royalty payment. In the developed world, when bigger companies acquire the patents from a small company, the cost may be of the order of a hundred times the annual profit of the SME. Hence SMEs guard their innovations through patents.

In the syllabus there is inclusion of Chinese Patent System and African regional Patent system, which is first time to be taught by any University of India.

On the eve of beginning of this course, I convey my best wishes to all the participants.

Dated this 5th day of September 2014
Dr. Akshai Aggarwal