Gujarat Technological University

Message from the desk of Registrar

Prof.(Dr). K. N. Kher
Registrar, GTU
Dear Participants,

On behalf of Gujarat Technological University (GTU), I feel proud to welcome all the students/innovators/start-ups/faculty/industry to get support from GTU IPR Cell on their needs. Our GTU IPR Team will ensure and provide best possible extended support to all parts of the society as per our capabilities.

GTU is the one of the leading University in India, who have started dedicated IPR mission from September 2011.

In September 2013, GTU has introduced “Patent Search and Analysis Report (PSAR)” as a compulsory part for all BE (Sem 7) and M. Pharm (Sem 4) students, In February 2014, GTU has introduced “Patent Drafting Exercise (PDE)” for BE (Sem 8) due to which IP literacy among students and faculty has raised to very significant extent.

From September 2014, GTU has started very unique course of “Post Graduate Diploma in IPR”, and since September 2015 GTU has started IP Valuation and Management (IPVM) Course, these courses possess many unique features, which are offered 1st time by any technical University of India.

I wish that GTU IPR Cell Activities will do value addition in your professional career and you will excel in your desired goal.

Prof.(Dr). K. N. Kher, Registrar, GTU